The speed at which culture and marketing is changing is becoming an ever greater challenge. How can you keep up with this?

The principle of briefing, internal reviews, reworks and final client presentation that is common in many agencies does not provide an answer. Because when the world out there fragments not only in terms of media but also culturally, when there are more and more targets to aim for, then you not only need more ideas in less time, but also a different process. 

The TRIBE is the most powerful way to generate an extremely large number of ideas in an extremely short time. A method that, by consciously reducing time, creates a creative flow whose output is overwhelming. What used to take 3 weeks is now generated in 3 days.

I have made TRIBES for pitches (and won), for important campaigns (that got awarded) or for particularly big opportunities that a client problem just offers. In each TRIBE, several big creative platform ideas emerge that are discussed and followed up directly with the client.

All TRIBES were masterpieces of unpretentious collaboration, which made them extremely effective and accelerated the process enormously. And on top of that, they were great fun for everyone. The creatives and clients alike. 

If we don't have time, we should at least have fun, right?
Work in my portfolio that goes back to a Tribe: 

Vorwerk - Love sucks.
Siemens Home Appliances - Progress through curiosity.
Seven Seas - What is your true age.
Toyota Aygo - Pissing around.
Bisolvon - Don't hide the cough. Fight it.
NRWalley - Revolution starts here.
Toyota IAA Special - Everything you wanted to know about Hybrid.
Bisolvon - I used to**** to hide my cough.
Bisolvon - Don't get it wrong.
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